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    Economic relations between
    Europe, China and ASEAN
    an opportunity for Spanish companies

Mark Hall
CEO of HSBC Spain

"El informe destaca las oportunidades para las empresas españolas que presentan
China y ASEAN dados sus buenos resultados económicos y su apertura al comercio mundial."

Javier Solana
President of ESADEgeo

"Durante los últimos cuarenta años España y China han mantenido una excelente relación
y España ha desempeñado un papel muy importante en las relaciones bilaterales entre Europa y China"

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HSBC has always had an outstanding international scope, which is why, since its arrival in Spain in 1981, it has assisted companies in their internationalization process and supported them to meet their growth and financing needs. This study, which is pioneer in the field, aims to analyze the existing possibilities in the Asian market, a region with great growth potential.


From HSBC we want to know where the best opportunities for the internationalization of companies in China and ASEAN lie, to thus continue supporting them in these processes.


This study seeks to contribute to a deeper analysis of the economic-business relations between Spain and Europe, with the emerging Asian subcontinent, and aims to identify the various business opportunities to be found for Spain and its companies.

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